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When will we see digital for all?

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Accessibility is not only about mobility and evolution in the “phisical” environment. The digital space can also be discriminating. In order to be consistent with our desire for an inclusive society, we have chosen to offer a website adapted to the different types of disabilities. Building an inclusive society also means thinking about all the …

Ensuring the free movement of workers with disabilities within the european territory

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On Tuesday 11 December, a text on the coordination of social security systems at European level was voted in the European Parliament. It will now be negotiated in trialogue. This text represents a major step towards European mobility for disabled workers. EUCIE and the french National Union of Adapted Enterprises (UNEA) welcome all MEPs in …

Réunion à Bruxelles le 3 décembre 2018

Launch of the European training project within Inclusive Enterprise

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2018 EuCIE obtained European funding for its project “Innovative Management of Skills and Training in Inclusive Enterprises”. On 3 December, the International Day of Disabled Persons, the four national federations that are members of EuCIE met in Brussels and officially launched the project. The objective is significant: to develop training modules to promote the employment …

EuCIE receives a Japanese delegation

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On 28 and 29 March 2018, a Japanese delegation visited France to learn about the inclusive entreprise model. The opportunity to interact with counterparts on the other side of the Earth. Toyota Loops, NTT Claruty, Keidanren or an employers’ association from Aichi prefecture: several Japanese economic representatives were present for two days dedicated to the …

Meeting with a South Korean delegation

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At the end of January, a delegation of experts and MPs from South Korea visited the adapted ATF Gaïa entreprise in Moissy-Cramayel (France). The delegation was received by EuCIE as well as by UNEA. To be inspired by the economic and social model of inclusive enterprise: this was the objective of the South Korean delegation …

Le stand de EuCIE au forum Airbus avec Jean-Marc Froger et Cyril Gayssot

EuCIE at the Airbus forum

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On December 6, 2017, EuCIE was present at the 6th Airbus forum for exchanges with the protected and adapted sectors. In Toulouse (France), on 6 December, we took the opportunity to present our business model and our vision of an inclusive society on a European scale. For several years, Airbus has been developing subcontracting activities …

Valencia Congress

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On 24 October 2017, EuCIE held its first congress in Valencia (Spain). Its leitmotif: “Moving from a welfare state to a welfare society”. While the European Commission is working on a process to develop a pillar of social rights, EuCIE presented its model which shows the way to good practices. A round table discussion was …

Membres présents lors de la création de EuCIE

The EuCIE association is officially created

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On 22 June 2017, the various national federations defending inclusive entreprises met at the European Parliament. They formalized the creation of EuCIE. Six months after the EuCIE constituent event, the founding members met again in the European Parliament for the official creation of the confederation as well as for its very first Board of Directors …

A day will come… Birth of EuCIE

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On 11 January 2017, the European Parliament hosted the constituent conference of EuCIE.  The four founding countries of Belgium, France, Germany and Spain represented 160,000 European employees, most of whom were disabled. “A day will come when our society will be inclusive by the will of its social entrepreneurs, a day will come when the …