Discovering inclusive enterprises – Episode 2

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Encouraging the development of skills

Continuation of our series within the inclusive enterprises, this time in France at TPC

For 35 years, this company in the Orléans region has been in the business of packaging. The products processed there are cosmetics, perfumes and other care products for the luxury industry. Jean-Michel Arnoult is group leader and PRAP trainer (prevention of risks related to physical activity). Over the years, the profile of employees has changed.

“Before, we had, above all, people from IME (Medical-Educational Institutes),” he explains. Today, more and more people are being damaged by life, by work itself. There is now more professional reclassification than people leaving specialized institutes

Consequences observed: a rising level of skills, with employees who have already had a career before and whose ability to progress and evolve is stronger.

A new professional life

For many employees, a new professional life begins when they arrive at TPC. Brigitte Maitre, for example, has started a new career from the beginning. “I joined as a conditioning agent and gradually evolved because I was interested. And so I became a line driver!”

The framework of inclusive enterprise is a plus, especially for those emerging from work failure due to disability. This is the case of Sylvie Louis, who was having a very difficult time with her early retirement due to her illness. Joining TPC has given her a new lease of life: “I’m not useless to society, actually“, she says.

An open door to the ordinary world

The development of skills in inclusive enterprises in France is not only due to a change in recruitment. It is also a political will, as Jean-Michel Arnoult points out : “Today, we must train people, bring them to more skills so that we can bring them into the mainstream as well later on.

A transition that is nevertheless rare, as most employees have difficulty leaving the benevolent framework of the inclusive business.