Discovering Inclusive Enterprises- Episode 1

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Going further in management

First episode of our series within the inclusive companies represented by EuCIE. Today, we are going to Belgium, to the heart of the Ateliers Jean Del’cour.

Multi-activity, the enterprise has existed since 1965 and has more than 500 employees. They work in the sectors of packaging and packaging, cabling, machining and welding, park and garden maintenance and social housing maintenance.

It is an ordinary company, with one detail: within the JD’C Workshops, 89% of the staff are disabled. A specificity that goes further in management, as Thomas Schijns, industrial manager, points out: “Our objective is to adapt and organise work according to people’s difficulties,[…] try to find the right person in the right place.”

Thomas Schijns, a psychologist by background, insists that the work provided must be of high quality and meet customer requirements. But there is no question of mistreating the employees! “There is a concern for the well-being of the person and to ensure that we are as organized as possible so that pressure never falls on the operators. It’s really about bringing the person back to the center.”

To achieve this, several systems have been implemented. For example, a continuous improvement table is available to operators to report problems. Short daily meetings are held to discuss the difficulties encountered.

The comic strip explains the steps of a project.

More recently, a new tool has been implemented: good practices have been posted on the walls of the workshops. And in the land of Hergé, what could be better than a comic strip to illustrate them?

On the other hand, professionals – psychologists and social workers – supervise the staff within the company. And the approach goes beyond the strictly professional framework: psycho-social support is individualised and the training courses contribute to a good integration into society in the broadest sense.