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Enable everyone to access sustainable employment

Inclusive enterprises have existed for several decades in different forms depending on the country but always with the same will.

Different from the protected environment that is linked to the socio-medical framework, inclusive enterprises aim to integrate into the business world, as a worker, any person with a disability.

It is therefore a structure of the ordinary environment with a special status. The resulting business plan thus provides to put economic performance at the service of society.

Iconographic representation of the three virtuous axes of EuCIE (employee well-being, savings in social benefits for the State and economic stability).

A virtuous system

An inclusive enterprise generally benefits from public financial support. Indeed, the return on indirect investments is positive for the State. Thanks to the employment of disabled workers, savings are made on many social benefits. A virtuous economic circle in which we believe.

At EuCIE, our ambition is to promote and develop the inclusive enterprise model at European level. Based on their national experiences, the founding federations intend to be an integral part of the inclusive strategy for people with disabilities 2020-2030 in Europe.