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Member federations

EuCIE is a confederation that brings together four member countries of the European Union with similar inclusive entrepreneurial systems: Belgium (Wallonia), France, Germany and Spain.

Eweta, Belgium, Wallonia

The Fédération Wallonne des Entreprises de Travail Adapté exists since 1978. Today, it has 55 member enterprises, bringing together more than 8,000 disabled workers.

In Belgium, an inclusive enterprise is called “Entreprise de Travail Adapté” (ETA).

Logo of EWETA, belgian federation

UNEA, France

The Union Nationale des Entreprises Adaptées is a professional association founded in 1987. It has 522 member enterprises representing 34,229 disabled workers.

Since 2005, the “Disability Law” has distinguished two types of structures for the integration of disabled workers: Establishments and Services for Assistance through Work (ESAT) on one hand and Inclusive Enterprises on the other. The latter are part of the ordinary work system and UNEA is the organization that aims to federate and represent them to public and private actors.

Logo of UNEA, french federation

bag if, Germany

bag if is the German national federation of inclusive enterprises. It represents about 900 inclusive enterprises, of which 360 are members, and more than 26,000 employees including 12,000 with disabilities. bag if’s network includes regional federations in all German states. bag if’s subsidiary, FAF GmbH, is an expert in consulting for inclusive enterprises.

Logo of Bag If, german federation


The Confederacion Nacional de Centros Especiales de Empleo was created in 2000 to bring together the federations and associations of Spanish inclusive enterprises (Centros Especiales de Empleo). In total, more than 400 enterprises are represented, which entails more than 20.000 disabled workers.

Logo og CONACEE, spanish federation



President: Cristian ROVIRA

Portrait of Cristian ROVIRA

Vice President of CONACEE and the SIFU Group
Member of the board of EASPD

Vice-President (Belgium): Dany DRION

Vice-President of EWETA, director of the inclusive enterprise Ateliers Jean Del’Cour, board member of ASBL Aclé, member of the comittee Fond Venture Philantropy of Fondation Roi Baudouin

Vice-President (France): Cyril GAYSSOT


President of UNEA, director of FMS, Vice-President of  experimentation follow-up in inclusive enterprises committee

Vice-President (Germany): Uta DEUTSCHLÄNDER

Portrait of Uta Deutschländer

Director of Alexianer Textilpflege and Alexianer Waschküche

Secretary: Stéphane FOISY


Tresory: Gilbert EPPELIN

Portrait of Gilbert EPPELIN

Coordinator ADES Grand-Est à la Macif and administrator Cap-Emploi Alsace
Administrator of the Inclusive Entreprise “L’Atre de la Vallée” (Orbey, Haut Rhin, France)