A day will come… Birth of EuCIE

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On 11 January 2017, the European Parliament hosted the constituent conference of EuCIE.  The four founding countries of Belgium, France, Germany and Spain represented 160,000 European employees, most of whom were disabled.

“A day will come when our society will be inclusive by the will of its social entrepreneurs, a day will come when the social innovation of social entrepreneurs will be spread in all daily lives, a day will come when we will fully live our condition without borders, without barriers, without ambiguity, in all fraternity of peoples whatever the difference, to live and act humanly… Do you see?”

These are the words of Cyril Gayssot, President of the UNEA, shortly after the Brussels event. On January 11, social entrepreneurs from Belgium, France, Germany and Spain are demonstrating their desire to unite. The objective: to contribute to the promotion and development of inclusive enterprise.

During this European conference of inclusive enterprises chaired by the European deputy Guillaume BALAS, in the presence of representatives from Quebec, a large number of parliamentarians and members of the European Commission, parliamentarians noted the difficulties concerning the free movement of disabled workers in the European Union and access to compensated and sustainable jobs in inclusive enterprises. The present european deputees then expressed the wish to see the inclusive business model as an integral part of the inclusive strategy for people with disabilities 2020 – 2030.