EuCIE - European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises

Editorial by Jean-Marc Froger,
President of EuCIE

Portrait of Jean-Marc Froger

In 2020, no less than 120 million European citizens will be confronted to with disability.

Ratified in 2010 by all EU Member States, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities paves the way for an inclusive society. Acknowledging the current European economic context, the ambition is significant.

How can we meet this challenge?

By founding EuCIE, our four national federations have come together on a common vision of the active inclusion of people with disabilities through sustainable employment, thus combining economic and social performance.

Entrepreneurial, our common logic is based on three axes:

  1. Represent, promote and develop the inclusive business model.
  2. Increase and promote universal European law guaranteeing employees with disabilities compensation for their reduced capacity to work, without discrimination, limitation or quota restrictions.
  3. Develop and promote a universal European right for employees of inclusive enterprises to assure access to permanent employment for an indefinite period of time in order to promote the achievement of professional projects in the ordinary labour market.


EuCIE’s priority is to set up strategic actions to build an inclusive society and to be an integral part of the European 2020-2030 strategy for people with disabilities.

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