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Cristian Rovira, EuCIE President

120 million European citizens will face disability in 2020. Behind this figure lie an infinite number of challenges to which Europe will have to respond. Among them, the issue of employment. On average, the unemployment rate for people with disabilities is twice as high as the general rate.

In our opinion, inclusive enterprise must be one of the answers to this situation of discrimination, and we prove it daily: the inclusive enterprise system is virtuous, for the citizen and for the economy in general.

After two years of existence, it is time for EuCIE to go further. With the arrival of Cristian Rovira as the new president, three main objectives have been formulated for the association:

  • Expansion of EuCIE’s presence in the different countries through the creation of a map of Europe that reflects the daily life of inclusive enterprises.
  • Presentation of EuCIE to institutions and high-ranking people working in relation to disability at a European level.
  • Development of the association through European projects or patronage hand in hand with multinational companies.


We want to build an inclusive society that combines economic and social aspects and to be part of the European 2020-2030 strategy on disability.

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