EuCIE - European Confederation of Inclusive Enterprises

8000 inclusive enterprises in Europe

More than 200.000 employees!


Our Vocation:

  • Working to build an inclusive society
  • Be an integral part of the European 2021-2030 Strategy for people with disabilities
  • Increase and promote equal opportunities for peolple with disabilities in employment
  • Develop and promote an universial european right to employees of inclusive enterprises


As the EU is committed to achieving an inclusive labour market in accordance with the UNCRPD it should promote and support inclusive enterprises as an innovative but proven way to empower people with disabilities in the labour market.

There are numerous ways to support inclusive enterprises and thereby to contribute to an inclusive society, among them:

  • Recognize and promote the inclusive enterprise model as a reference model for the employment of people with disabilities in the EU and in EU member countries.
  • Include the model of inclusive enterprises in the Social Economy System at European level.
  • Protect the model of inclusive enterprises with funds from the European Union to guarantee inclusive employment for people with disabilities.
  • Create incentives to promote inclusive entrepreneurship (social security
    bonuses, VAT benefits, public procurement).

The latest news

New Project

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  EuCIE supports a new project and one of the partners. We will inform you shortly about the new homepage of the project.